Quiz case #2

Interactive Quizzing with DSM

A mass participation quiz as an ice breaker at a business event.

The Dutch chemical company DSM organised a large congress on its own professional field in the Amsterdam venue Sugar City. Over 500 visitors arrived from all over the world; all of them professional peers who had never met before.

Transition between content and evening celebration

DSM was looking for a suitable transition programme between the content-heavy break-out sessions during the day and the evening celebration. The conditions: we had to refer back to the content of the congress, and the participants had to be brought closer together. Our thoughts? Consider it done!

We developed a high-paced interactive quiz with voice boxes in the DSM house style, with content-related questions. We dressed up the location in style and came up with team names based on chemical elements. Everyone was assigned to a group of (as of yet) unknown peers. The reaction of DSM after this lightning-fast meeting session: cheers, applause, and that amazing high five!

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