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Next edition: Saturday January 21st 2023 – 20:30 UTC +1

The Global Online Quiz is a worldwide mass participation pub quiz. Each edition, thousands of players from all around the world compete against other local & global teams 🌎  Make your own team by inviting your colleagues, friends and family and join the fun! ❤️

Join the live event

You can watch the quiz as soon it premieres on our Youtube channel, checking in with other teams on the live chat. You can also watch it at a later date or time, simply choose whatever works best for you. The videos will premiere at 20:30 PM Netherlands time and each quiz show is about 2 hours long. You can check your local starting time here! Meet up with your teammates to watch the quiz together from a nice venue, or set up a (video) chat and meet your team mates online. Make sure to have a tasty drink and a stack of answer sheets ready.

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Write down your answers

It’s all about the fun. There’s no voting system: all you need is a pen and paper. You can also download our printable answer sheets. Keep score yourselves after each round, or ask an other team to check your answers if you’re playing in a local competition. Show us how you did! Submit your final score for a spot in our global ranking, which is published on our Facebook page two weeks after a new quiz has premiered, allowing everyone plenty of time to play the quiz at a moment most convenient for them and still be included in the ranking!

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Pay what you want!

The quiz is open for everyone to join and it’s great to have players from so many different corners of the world joining the fun. We really hope you enjoy the quiz! If you had fun, please contribute if you can. The amount is completely up to you / your team. Pay whatever you think is a fair price for an evening of pub quizzing entertainment. A lot of time and effort goes into the production of these full length quiz shows, which means we can only keep making them if enough players contribute. Let’s do this together!

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Ready, set, quiz!

“You don’t need to be Sheldon Cooper to enjoy this quiz. It contains something fun for everyone! From European landmarks to Asian cuisine. From Hollywood films to music. From local sports to international celebs and much more. It’s a general knowledge pub quiz, hosted in English. The quiz contains several different types of rounds. We always finish on music. Singing along is highly encouraged – I can’t hear you anyway! 😉  ” – Your quizmaster: Julinka van Keulen

The Global Online Quiz

All of our upcoming and past quizzes are listed here, with all the relevant links. The most recent quiz can be viewed on Youtube until a new quiz goes live.

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The road to victory!

A winning team always comes prepared.

1) Meet up with your team

We recommend 4 to 6 people on one team, the more diverse their backgrounds and interests, the better! There’s no need to sign up. Bring your team together, online or offline. Use conferencing software, a group chat, a phone call, your living room, a local bar or your favorite sports club. Please make sure to follow local COVID-19 regulation for meetings in real life.

2) Watch the quiz show together

The quiz show is hosted live by our quiz master. Most of the questions are asked by her over the microphone and supported by on screen pictures, videos & audio clips. You can play the live stream on any device (television, smartphone, computer, etc.) at your preferred location. Feel free to get creative with pool side televisions, cinema rooms and local pubs. Real online tech pro’s host their own Discord server or implement the livestream in conferencing software to minimize mutual delays. Choose whatever works best for your team.

3) Answer the questions

The quiz consists of 6 rounds, containing 10 questions each. Sometimes there are multiple answers per question. Each question is followed by some time to debate and write down your answer as a team. Use a stack of paper, our official answer sheets or online a group chat. Questions aren’t repeated after they’ve been asked, so you might want to take notes during the quiz. After each round you are given 2 more minutes to finalize your answers. After that: it’s straight on to the reveal of the answers for that round!

4) Check your answers

Time to see how you’ve done! You need to check your own answers and we trust you to be extremely honest and completely unbiased 😉  If you’re playing with multiple teams in the same venue, you might want to prevent any claims of biased checking. That can be achieved by simply swapping answer sheets with another team so everything is checked extra carefully.

The quizmaster will tell you how many points you could have earned for each question. For questions with one answer, a correct answer is worth 1 full point or half a point if it’s almost correct, but not quite. We’ll leave the definition of ‘almost correct’ up to your best judgement. For questions with multiple answers it’s always half a point per correct answer. If you have to name 4 countries for one question, that question could earn you 2 points in total, for example. After checking all of the answers on this round write down the total amount of points scored at the top of the answer sheet.

5) Calculate your score & submit!

At the end of the quiz, you add up all of your points for each round. This will be your total score! Please submit your score using this page. Be honest – there’s no challenge in submitting the maximum score 😊  We will generate a global ranking on the Monday after each quiz! This will be published on our website and on Facebook. Will you be our next global winner?

If you’re playing in a local venue or with multiple teams at home, why not make a local ranking? You could even award a fun prize to the winning team!

Did you have a good time? We sure hope so! Please make a contribution so we can keep hosting many more quizzes for you to enjoy in the future.





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Times around the world

It’s great fun to play the quiz simultaneously with players from all over the world! To join us live, check out your local starting time for the upcoming edition.

You can also start watching an hour, a few hours or even a day later. The show can also be paused at any point during the live stream and continued from that point. In that case, the quiz won’t be live, so you won’t be able to actively participate in the live chat. But you can still have a great time with your friends! Scores can be submitted for a spot in the ranking until roughly 36 hours after the premiere. And in case you were worried: the payment link remains permanently active, so you can always chip in at any time 😀

Run a Global Pub Quiz venue

Do you know a great pub, sports club or other local venue you would like to host the Global Online Quiz in? We encourage anyone to use the quiz for a local competition in their venue. We only ask for one thing: don’t charge the players for the quiz – encourage them to contribute for their participation through our online payment link. Players will of course pay you for their drinks and snacks. All you need is a steady internet connection, a table for each team, a screen and sound. Print a stack of answer sheets and have teams check each other’s answers after each round. You can even calculate a final ranking for your participants at the end of the quiz!

Example quiz question!


By QuizQuestions

Heineken owns a lot of different beer brands. Which sunny bear brand – owned by Heineken – shares its name with the currency of Peru?

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