Live stream general knowledge quiz!

Second Edition: Saturday April 11th 2020 – 20:30 CEST (UTC +2)

Invite your colleagues, friends and family all around the world. Let’s make sure to stay socially connected in these confusing times!

Live Streaming Quiz

Join the fun! You’ll be able to watch the quiz via a live stream on our Youtube channel. The show will start at 20:30 PM Central European Time and last till about 22:45 PM. Be prepared: make sure to have a tasty drink, a video chat with your teammates and a stack of answer sheets ready. (When the live stream is up and running the link will redirect to the correct youtube stream.)

Live stream
How to play?

This quiz is all about the fun: Everyone is a winner! No voting system: just pen & paper. For that real quiz feel you can download printable answer sheets. No printer? Grab a few sheets of paper and number each one 1 to 10. You’ll keep score yourselves. Feel free to set up your own competition with other teams.

Answer Sheets
Free for all! Tips are welcome.

First and foremost, we care about keeping everyone connected and this is our way of helping to achieve that. That’s why the quiz can be played for free. However, if you enjoyed the quiz and would like to tip, we’d very much appreciate it! After all, these are pretty difficult times for the live events industry. (Payment is possible with Creditcard, Apple Pay, SOFORT & iDeal).

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Ready? Set? Quiz!

You can play the live stream on your TV, computer, laptop, or smartphone. You can simultaneously set up a group chat / call / video conference with your colleagues, friends, and/or family members. Or simply play with your quarantine buddies from the comfort of your own sofa. While the questions are being asked, you’ll need to pay attention to the quiz show, but naturally we’ll make sure you have enough time to discuss the answer with your team after each question.

What to expect?

You don’t need to be Sheldon Cooper to enjoy this quiz. We’ve prepared a general knowledge quiz in English that should contain something fun for everyone! From European landmarks to Asian cuisine, from Hollywood films to music from all over the world, from your favourite sports to your favourite celebrities and much, much, more. There will be several mixed bag rounds, a special themed round and naturally: we’ll finish on a music round! Every question will be supported with images and/or audio and video.

The second edition will be a little longer than the first; with a few more questions and more time to deliberate as a team. There will also be proper breaks that will give you time to grab a fresh drink or a tasty snack to keep your brain triggered!

For all our European players, this quiz will be a perfect way to enjoy a Saturday evening with friends. It will serve as a nice Saturday lunch quiz in San Francisco, an afternoon quiz in New York and Rio and a midnight quiz for all you Indian quiz fans.

We are hoping to make this a global get-together connecting lots of colleagues, friends and families all around the world.

Example quiz question!


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This finely chopped raw fish dish is originally from Hawaii, but has gained popularity in the rest of the U.S. and Europe, where it is often served in a bowl. What is it called?

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