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Teamwork + connecting = Digital high five!

An event with participants joining from all over the globe? Or a hybrid event, combining online applications and physical locations? Colleagues collaborate interactively in this unique online quiz. The quiz is fully tailor-made, so anything is possible. This unique experience connects your team as well as the company. High five!

How does an online pub quiz work?

From our studio in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, we provide an exclusive live stream, presented by our enthusiastic quizmaster Julinka van Keulen. The participants are divided into teams of about 5 people, who come together online or at a physical location to play the quiz. They switch on the live stream and can challenge their colleagues on the chat. At the end of each round of questions, the team captain submits the team’s answers. The quizmaster reveals the answers that were given and the results are announced. Which team will become the winner?

Your quiz? Always a custom product.

The quiz questions are presented as a nice mix of open questions, multiple-choice questions, and estimations. A variety of themes and unique content about your company are tailored to fit your (international) target audience perfectly. In this way, all of the participants are able to score points, while also getting to know each other better! Every question is supported with beautiful images, video, and audio clips. Naturally, everything is designed to tie in seamlessly with your corporate identity. What will your online quizzing event look like? We’d love to think along with you!

Excited about your online quiz? Ready, set, go!

Reliable live stream

We host the quiz via an “unlisted” live stream on Youtube: both reliable and well known to all. You watch the quiz on a computer, on your TV from the comfort of your sofa, or on a large screen at a company location. Would you prefer a quiz on your own streaming platform? No problem!

Collaborating with your team

Teams can come together physically or meet up online. To confer with each other online, they use the tools already in place for your company, such as Teams, Zoom, or Skype. Or perhaps you would prefer to use a simple WhatsApp group or an advanced Discord server? The choice is yours!

Online answer sheets

There is one online answer sheet for each round. The team captains submit their team’s answers at the end of each round. This allows players to discuss the answers with their team throughout the round – just like in a traditional pub quiz. But here they can be checked automatically and discussed in detail!

Challenge your colleagues and have fun: High five!

Anything is possible with an online quiz.

A corporate presentation in between quiz rounds? A speech by the CEO? Quiz questions asked by your employees? Team photos? We will happily arrange it! Every online quiz event is completely tailor-made so that it perfectly matches your organization and corporate culture.

A monthly quiz competition with your colleagues? A hybrid event connecting all of your EMEA headquarters? A quiz as a break during an online conference? The possibilities are endless; connecting your colleagues worldwide has never been easier or more fun!

Let’s call!

You can call us, of course. We’re happy to talk to you! However, we’re often on the road. Can’t reach us? Leave your name and phone number. We’ll always call you back. You can email us too, of course.

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    This fruit originally comes from Central and South America. It is also very popular in Southeast Asia. In Europe, we are slowly getting to know it. What is the name of this tropical fruit?

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