Sample Pub Quiz: test your knowledge

Is it going to end in a high five? Or in a ‘lanterne rouge’?

Great, a pub quiz! But what is that, exactly?

What are the origins of the expression ‘Lanterne rouge’? This could be one of the knowledge questions during one of our quizzes. Or: where were pub quizzes first organised? We’re happy to tell you the answer to that.

There is only one country where you can find a pub on every corner: Great Britain. This is where the pub quiz originated. A phenomenon from the 70s, which quickly grew and spread all over the world.

What is a pub quiz exactly? It’s like Trivial Pursuit, except in a pub. Trivia questions about history, sports, geography, music, culture: the possibilities are endless. Questions are often accompanied by videos, music and images. The teams write their answers to the quizmaster’s questions on an answer sheet. The team with the most points wins. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Not if you play with us. We provide the traditional pub quiz with a twist. Deviating game formats, challenging assignments, special locations and fitting themes: we mix custom content with general knowledge and create a fully custom pub quiz for your company.

Enough trivia about pub quizzes. Time for the sample quiz!

You’ll have to picture the quizmaster being there. We’ll also leave checking the answers up to you. But the testing (and enriching!) of your knowledge will certainly be achieved through this quiz. This XL-sample quiz is made up of an impressive 10 rounds of 10 questions each. From general knowledge to music trivia. From regular ‘mixed bag’ rounds to rounds that will show you what to expect from a corporate quiz. How many points will you score?

Round 1: Trivia – Mixed Bag

Let’s kick off the quiz with a mixed trivia round. From music to film and from history to literature, the arts and fun culinary facts!

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Round 2: Around the World

We’ll be taking a trip around the world in 10 questions. From topography to tourist attractions. From high mountain to foreign languages!

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Round 3: 50 / 50

The fifty-fifty round is super fast. You’ll get 10 more questions, but this time you only have to choose between A and B. Simple, right! Or is it?

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Round 4: Trivia – Mixed Bag

A standard round of trivia: 10 questions that can be about anything and everything! Naturally every question comes with a nice photo.

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Round 5: Musical Animals?!

Don’t panic! You won’t be hearing animal sounds, just music. You’ll hear 10 hit songs, we are looking for the animal from the song title.

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Round 6: Heineken

A corporate quiz round: 10 questions linked to the brand Heineken. The great thing: you don’t have to work at Heineken to play this round.

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Round 7: 1 t/m 10

A quick round with a twist. Each answer is a number from 1 to 10. The best thing? Each number is featured only once. A nice puzzle for you!

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Round 8: Trivia – Mixed Bag

Let’s play a final set of ten mixed questions. Trivia from sports to art, from music to film, from geography to history!

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Round 9: All about cars

A themed round: 10 questions about cars! Are you a car enthusiast? That’s great, but it’s not necessary. You actually don’t have to be a car expert at all.

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Round 10: Music Round

We’ll end the quiz with a ‘name that tune’ music round. You’ll hear 10 clips; we are looking for the title and the artist or band for each one.

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