Quiz case #3

The European Commission

Complex assignments from a special client.

Two diverse requests from a special client. The European Commission informs citizens via various Europe Direct Info Centres (EDICS) throughout the Netherlands. In order to create more publicity for these centres in a fun way, we developed the Europe quiz.

The Europe Quiz

The ‘Europe Quiz’ travelled through the Netherlands, passing by each of the twelve EDICs. We not only came up with the questions, but we also presented the knowledge quizzes and advised the organisation. We also took care of the entire design. A complete package, as you can see. From an event website to coaching the employees to recruit teams for the quiz themselves. Through this event, we made the things Europe does for Dutch citizens tangible. European mission: complete!

Online science quiz

Apart from the Europe quiz, we also developed an online quiz for the Weekend van de Wetenschap (National Science Weekend). During this event, various scientific institution open their doors to the public. What most people don’t know is that Europe funds many of these projects. Time for more publicity and more visitors! With an online knowledge quiz, we shed light on the role of European projects in science. We had to take a deep dive into the subject matter to achieve this. An amazing challenge for us. And for the participants, too, by the way. The prize wasn’t bad either: a visit to ESA!

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