Quiz case #4

Custom Concepts for Ergon

Three different quizzes for a local partner.

Ergon is a public employment service for vulnerable people in Eindhoven. We got to work for and with this organisation from Eindhoven no less than three times. We designed a staff quiz with facts from the professional field, which primarily served as a ‘fun’ teambuilding activity. It fueled a hunger for more!

High intensity Boilerroom Quiz

Ergon was also looking for a way to playfully yet seriously stimulate leadership qualities in team leaders. We did this through a high-intensity boiler room quiz. The participants had to perform assignments all over the Ergon grounds. The challenges required substantial knowledge, strategy and teamwork. The epitome of serious gaming.

Q&A Dinner Show

The third game concept was of a completely different nature. In order to introduce the new municipal council of Eindhoven to Ergon, we organised a Q&A Dinner Show.

A talk show quiz in which council members and civil servants started a dialogue with each other and various experts from the professional field in an interactive manner. Through this concept, we updated the municipal council on Ergon’s activities, who they perform them for, and what types of knowledge and practical experience are involved in this in a single night. Three exceptional custom quizzes for a valued partner: they made us and the participants happy!

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