Get a grip on your concentration and productivity!

The FocusQuiz is, as the name suggests, all about ‘focus’. Having the right focus helps improve concentration and productivity. The quiz is for anyone who struggles with distractions. So almost everyone! In 60 minutes we challenge you and your team in an interactive way to get started with ‘focus’. A fun challenge with instant reward!

Why do a FocusQuiz?

What is the issue?
We are busier and more tired than ever, yet we get less done. We are constantly distracted: by colleagues, emails and notifications, and by our own mind. We are less and less able to concentrate, it takes us more time to do our work and the stress levels continue to increase. How nice would it be if you could make yourself and your team more resilient to distractions and stress, and ultimately be more productive?

For whom is the FocusQuiz?

FocusQuiz for teams
This quiz is suitable for anyone who sometimes struggles with being distracted. So almost everyone! Do you find yourself wondering: what did I actually do today? Why do I feel like I’m always running behind on time? Why am I not in control of my schedule? How can my team become more productive? How do I decrease absence time in my team? The answer is FOCUS.

Some scientific facts


The number of stimuli that come our way every day has increased fivefold since the 1980s.


If a colleague seated next to you makes a phone call, your productivity drops on average by 60%.

Open office

Due to all the distractions, working in an open office costs an extra 89 minutes per day on average and results in 62% more sick days.

Let’s focus!

In the 60-minute long Live Online FocusQuiz, we challenge you and your team in an interactive way to start working on ‘focus’. Quizmaster Julinka van Keulen from Number 42 and experienced quiz author Astrid van Bernebeek from De Vragenfabriek have completely emerged themselves in this topic for you. We couldn’t ignore the bestseller ‘Focus On/Off’ by Mark Tigchelaar (neuroscientist) and Oscar de Bos (focus expert)*. We have translated the most important insights from their ‘focus bible’ into a set of stimulating quiz questions, with their full support!

* For their book ‘Focus On/Off‘, they have collected a wealth of scientific literature about focus and the brain and translated it into practical insights and tools to become less distracted. Their Focus Academy provides training on focus that has already been followed by more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Concrete tips and tricks

What’s in it for me?
Many new insights and eye-openers will reveal itself to you. You will learn to understand how your mind works and what your biggest distractions are, resulting in better control over your available time. We will show you why a game of ‘who’s the last to leave the office’ isn’t a positive one. And after the quiz you will receive a whitepaper with the most important concrete tips and tricks that you can immediately put to use towards a more productive working day. A fun challenge with instant reward!

FocusQuiz for your team!

Click contact to get in touch with Number 42, or fill out the ‘call me back’ form at the bottom of this page to plan your FocusQuiz. Curious about which type of FocusQuiz best fits your teambuilding activity? Take a look at the options below:

Online FocusQuiz

– A pre-recorded quiz, presented by our quizmaster Julinka from our studio. She also provides an explanation for each answer.
– The quiz airs live at a time chosen by you via an exclusive link (there is no live interaction in this quiz version).
– You invite your team to join on your chosen date, and have them create teams of 4 or 5 people, they can meet physically or online.
– You will receive clear instructions to ensure that everything is ready for the session at the start.
– After the quiz you will receive a report of the results of all teams and a tips & tricks document (pdf) for all participants.
– The very best price: 1500 euros (excl. VAT)

Live Online FocusQuiz

– The quiz will be presented live by our quizmaster Julinka from our studio at a time chosen by you.
– She shares in mid-quiz results, explanations of the answers and end-of-quiz results with the participants during the quiz.
– You invite your team to join on your chosen date, and have them create teams of 4 or 5 people, they can meet physically or online.
– Personalized introduction and wrap up with a virtual award ceremony.
– After the quiz you will immediately receive an overview of the results of all teams and a tips & tricks document (pdf) for all participants.
– Price: 2100 euros (excl. VAT)

Custom FocusQuiz (custom)

If you want to take it a step further and want more attention to personal content and extra emphasis on the team building aspect, a tailor-made quiz is the perfect choice. Let our crew perform the Online FocusQuiz live for you at the office or at an inspiring external location of your choice. We are happy to contact the venue of your choice to make sure all equipment and facilities are in order. Our experienced quizmaster Julinka and her crew will happily travel to your venue to make it a special event! Of course, if desired, we will personalize the quiz for you with custom written questions about the company or team.

Price: from 2350 euros (excl. VAT)

FocusQuiz for your team!

First, contact Number 42, or fill out the ‘let’s call’ form at the bottom of this page, and schedule your FocusQuiz. Then you invite your team on your chosen date. Have participants create teams of 4 or 5 people, either meeting on site or online. You participate in the quiz via a live stream and answer the questions together as a team. In addition to the scores, our quizmaster also provides an explanation for each answer. It costs each team member an hour of his or her working time, but we promise you that this will more than repay itself.

About quizmaster Julinka van Keulen – Number 42

Julinka is at the helm of Number 42 and creates and organizes dozens of corporate and public quiz events every year with her team, both on location and online. Ever since 2010, she has been the face of many public knowledge quizzes and pub quizzes such as the International Quiz Night; a weekly English pub quiz catered to the international community of Eindhoven, the Global Online Quiz, which connects people from all over the world online and Quiz Night XL, an annual Science & Tech pub quiz with 1400+ participants. Julinka is a specialist of and corporate gamification concepts in the form of tailor-made online quizzes and live quiz-events for many large companies around the world.

About quiz author Astrid van Bernebeek – De Vragenfabriek

Astrid is a widely experienced quiz question writer. Her company De Vragenfabriek (“The Question Factory”) specializes in making (quiz) questions that are ‘useful’. De Vragenfabriek makes quiz questions for a number of companies and organizations. Astrid has created close to 10.000 questions on every conceivable subject for the Dutch TV quiz-show ‘Met Het Mes Op Tafel’ by Omroep Max (formerly NPS), and for many other tv-quizzes. Her personal mission is ‘to make general knowledge accessible to a wide audience’. Rightfully so, Astrid is dubbed “the queen of quiz questions” in an interview by Arnold Reyneveld (in Dutch).

Let’s call!

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