Number 42 Sample Pub Quiz

Round 5: Musical Animals?!

This is Round 5 of the Number 42 Sample Quiz! The total sample quiz consists of 10 rounds, with a total of 100 quiz questions. Round 5 is a music round, but with a twist! Normally we’d ask for the song title and artist. This time we only want one answer: name the animal hiding in the song title. Can you spot all 10 of the animals on this musical safari?

This song is from 1971. It became a massive hit. Which animal is hiding in the title?


You heard the hit ‘A Horse with no name’ from the American band America. The number was banned in some parts of the United States, including Kansas City, because it was said to refer to drug use. ‘Horse’ is also a nickname for heroin.

A hit from 1984 this time! What sad animal are we looking for?


You heard the Prince hit ‘When Doves Cry’. The song was on the album Purple Rain. It was Prince’s first number one hit in the United States, where it was also the best-selling single of 1984.

This 1983 song was released after the artist’s death. The title contains the name of an animal, although it refers to something completely different. Which animal is that?


Naturally, the title does not refer to buffalo, bisons or any type of bovine animal. It’s about black American army units known as Buffalo Soldiers, who fought in the American Indian wars after 1866. The song was recorded during Marley’s last recording sessions in 1980. It was released on the posthumous album Confrontation from 1983.

In the year 2000 this animal fluttered through the charts. Can you manage to catch it?


Crazy Town is a rapcoreband from Los Angeles founded in 1995 by Bret Mazur and Seth Binzer. The band became famous for the single Butterfly from 2000, the song you just heard!

A colourful band with a ditto animal in the title of this song. Which animal?


The chameleon is quite a fitting choice: it is just as colourful as Culture Club singer Boy George. Karma Chameleon was #1 in sixteen countries worldwide.

Upon hearing this 60s song you’ll picture yourself in a different world. Which animal is your companion on this ‘trip’?


The single did not become a hit until the summer of 1970; three and a half years after it was released. The Jefferson Airplane song is packed with references to Alice in Wonderland. The ‘white rabbit’ from the title is one of them.

In 2008 a popular singer made this song about an animal. We can be sure of one thing: it’s female. But which animal is it?


A song by Shakira called ‘She Wolf’. The song is full of references to werewolves and includes the line ‘There’s a she wolf in the closet – Open up and set it free’.

This song from 1996 is not as innocent as the animal from the title suggests. Ready for a naughty one?


This song from 1996 was the first single from his debut album Ginuwine … the Bachelor. The song is loaded with sexual references.

For animal number 9 we go back to the 70s. Normally you would be shocked to see this animal, but this catchy song will make you forget your fear quickly enough!


The 70s brought Elton John one hit after the other. Crocodile rock is one of them: the cheerful song is an ode to the rock ‘n’ roll of the fifties.

Perhaps the most famous ‘animal song’ from our selection! Let’s see if you catch this one …


‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor was written for the soundtrack of the film Rocky III. It became a massive hit in 1982.

Well done! You've completed round 5 of the sample quiz! Ready for round 6?

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