Number 42 Sample Quiz

Round 6: Heineken

This is Round 6 of the Number 42 Sample Quiz! The total sample quiz consists of 10 rounds, with a total of 100 quiz questions. Round 6 is a corporate quiz round. 10 Questions linked to the brand Heineken. The nice thing about it? You don’t have to work at Heineken to be able to answer them.

Heineken has a lot of different beer brands on offer. Which sunny beer brand from their portfolio shares its name with the currency of Peru?


Although the Sol is the currency of Peru, the beer Sol actually comes from Mexico.

Which James Bond actor didn’t just stick to Vodka Martini, but also ordered a refreshing Heineken beer in several scenes?

Daniel Craig.

We saw this James Bond drink Heineken in both Skyfall and Specter.

The Summer Olympics are held in Mexico City. Martin Luther King, Jr. is murdered in Memphis. Apollo 8 flies around the moon. The Beatles release the White Album. Heineken acquires Amstel, its largest rival in the Netherlands. In which year did all these events take place?


By then, Heineken had been around for more than a hundred years! The Heineken company was founded on 15 February 1864 when the 22-year-old Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the brewery ‘De Hooiberg’ in Amsterdam.

In 1886 Dr. Elion developed the “A-yeast” which is still the flavor base for Heineken beer. This Dr. Elion was a student of a world-famous scientist. A process in the food industry that destroys harmful bacteria in food was named after him. Who was this ‘father of microbiology’?

Louis Pasteur

Pasteur became best known for his pasteurization technique and his discovery of the rabies vaccine.

Dutch top athletes have been celebrating their victories at the Olympics in the Holland Heineken House since 1992! In which European city were the 1992 Games held? The photo shows the Olympic park that was built for these Olympic games.


When it became known in 1986 that Barcelona would be hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, a huge transformation followed. The metro network and roads were modernized, the airport expanded and a large part of the center was ‘cleaned’. The city once again got a sea front and its own beaches.

Heineken is not only a global player in the beer sector. They are also the number 1 producer of an alcoholic beverage that is traditionally made from apple juice. What is the name of this drink, which is very popular in England and Ireland, among other places?


Cider is also known as apple wine. Originally, the apples were ground in a cider mill. A stone mill wheel spun around in the circular container, turning the apples into a pulp. After the pulp was squeezed, the juice was fermented to cider.

Many films have been made about the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken. In 2015 the movie Kidnapping Mr. Heineken was released. Which then 78-year-old Oscar-winning actor played the role of Heineken in that film?

Anthony Hopkins

The film is based on the true story of the kidnapping of beer magnate Freddy Heineken in 1983 and the book The Kidnapping of Alfred Heineken from 1987, written by Dutch criminal investigator Peter R. de Vries.

Pilsener beer is named after its birthplace: the city of Pilsen. In which country is that city located?

The Czech Republic

Pilsen is located in the west of the Czech Republic and is the fourth largest city in the country with around 170,000 inhabitants. Another interesting fact about Pilsen? Number 42 quizmaster Julinka was born here!

This ball is used in a specific sport. Heineken has been supporting the World Championships in this sport as a sponsor for many years. Which sport?


There are two versions: Rugby Union (15 players per team) and Rugby League (13 players). Heineken sponsors the Rugby Union World Cup. During the match the players try to push an oval ball over the so-called tryline of the opposing team or to kick it between the posts to score points. You are allowed to carry or kick the ball.

Shown are three beers from the Heineken portfolio. Which countries do they come from?

Poland, Spain & Ireland

Zywiec is a Polish beer brand that has been brewed since 1856 in the place of the same name. Cruzcampo is a large brewery from Seville, Spain. Murphy’s is an Irish beer brand; the biggest competitor of Guinness.

Well done! That was round 6 of the Sample Quiz. Ready for more?

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