Number 42 Sample Quiz

Round 9: All about Cars

This is Round 9 of the Number 42 Sample Quiz! The total sample quiz consists of 10 rounds, with a total of 100 quiz questions. Round 9 is a round entirely devoted to cars. And yet, you certainly don’t have to be a car expert to answer the questions in this round. So get in, buckle up and see how many points you can collect on this quizzing grand tour!

For half a point each: this image combines the logos of which two car brands?

Porsche & Alfa Romeo

The Porsche logo is derived from the coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg, of which Stuttgart (home to the head office) is the capital. Normally it features a horse. The snake is from the Alfa Romeo logo. That logo refers to the home city of Milan. The snake was the symbol of the Visconti family, who ruled Milan from 1277 to 1447.

We’re going to listen to an audio clip! You’ll hear a song with a car brand in the title. Which brand?

Mercedes Benz

The American singer Janis Joplin is a member of the 27 club; she died of an overdose in 1970. Mercedes Benz was the last song she recorded.

After Milan, this is the largest city in northern Italy. It’s home to the Lingotto, the former Fiat factory just outside the historic center. Back in the day, this is where the cars were produced and tested. Nowadays you can come here to shop, see art and films, eat, walk around and sleep in a hotel. On the roof you can take a stroll on the former Fiat test circuit. Which city is this?


Turin is not only known for Fiat, but also for its two successful football clubs: Juventus (founded in 1897) and Torino (founded in 1906).

Which comedy film was this car featured in?

Dumb & Dumber

Jim Carrey plays Lloyd Christmas and Jeff Daniels plays Harry Dunne in this classic from 1994. They are each other’s best friends and both men are less than bright. Harry drives the so-called “Mutts Cuts Van”, a ‘unique’ vehicle that comes with his job as a dog keeper.

Since 2019, which manufacturer has been responsible for the engines of the car in which this Formula 1 driver drives his races?


Max Verstappen drives for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, an Austrian Formula 1 team that switched to Honda engines in their Formula 1 cars in 2019.

Another audio question! You will hear a piece of music from a television series this time. What is the name of the car that is inextricably linked to this show?


KITT was the name of Michael Knight’s car from the ’80s show Knight Rider. The name stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand.

This car dates back to the year 1900 and was the very first hybrid. Which world-famous car manufacturer developed this car when he was in his twenties, working at the Austrian company Lohner?

Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche was a talented car designer who has designed many famous cars. The Volkswagen Beetle is one of them. He was also an NSDAP member and member of the SS, which led to the removal of his name from signs in the town where he was born in 2013.

This toy car is made by Barbie parent company Mattel. For years it was the big competitor of Matchbox. For a time they were offered as a gift in McDonald’s Happy Meals, where children had a choice between a barbie or a car. What is the name of the brand?

Hot Wheels

The brand was introduced in 1968 with 16 fantasy models. Hot Wheels and Matchbox are now both owned by Mattel. Where Matchbox focuses more on smaller children, Hot Wheels is aimed at older children and collectors.

What tough nickname is given to the US president’s car?

The Beast

Claiming the car is well protected is no exaggeration. The current model is built on the chassis of a truck (a Chevrolet Kodiak), it is covered with airtight bulletproof plating and even has its own oxygen supply.

These huge robots come from the planet Cybertron and are about 8 meters tall. They have the ability to camouflage themselves as average vehicles. What is the name of this “race” of mega robots?


Allright, we’ll also accept the answer Transformers! The Transformers come from the planet Cybertron and can be divided into different groups. The best known two are the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. The best-known autobots include Optimus Prime (the leader you see in the photo) and Bumblebee; who even starred in his own film in 2018.

Well done! That was round 9 of the sample quiz. One more round to go!

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